Monday, September 13, 2010

The real danger of the Drop Bear

All though Drop Bears may at first appear cute and cuddly, many people (who unfortunately get too close), soon discover there not quite so cuddly after all. With the level of Drop Bear related deaths across Australia surging over the last years, its no wonder that groups have been formed to help prevent such tragedies. You can play your part, link this blog to as many as possible and help raise awareness of the dangers of  Drop Bears!!

Remember people, knowledge is power!

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More incredible Drop Bear footage! it's a must see!

Begins as an innocent confrontation, which soon turns deadly, resulting in roars claws swipes and much more. Listen at the end to hear the deafening roar issued by the Drop Bear, which easily echoes through the vast forest.

DropBear Footage!!

Rare footage of a Drop bear seen out of it's natural treetop habitat. Ready to scare of possible predators with its razor sharp talons and dreadful roar it makes short work of a vicious dog for scampering to higher ground.

Drop Bear ready to attack

To the untrained eye, this is a regular gum tree. But if you pay enough attention you will soon realize, perched high up in the branches is a Drop Bear ready to pounce on an unsuspecting victim, lucky our camera crew spotted this one in time.

History of the Drop Bear

Drop bears have been around since the beginning of time. Before white folk lived on the great island country of Australia, drop bears preyed upon the Aboriginal people. They are menacing creatures, with row upon row of serrated  teeth to claw at the throats of there victims and thick matted fur to defend themselves from prepared humans.